Friday, March 16, 2012

Outreach Health Programs

Community outreach programs is an important vehicle for reducing the discovery-delivery disconnect by bringing health education and Health screening services directly to community members. Such programs are consistent with the priority areas of Trinity Care Foundation initiatives for reducing health disparities.

Outreach programs are important tools for bringing health education and screening services directly to community members and serve to contribute to reducing health disparities.They assist communities and hospitals to reach mutually beneficial goals that would otherwise not be achievable for promoting accessible and equitable care .

Community Health Program focusing on the rural poor. A Team of Public health professionals consisting of Physician, Pediatrician, Gynecologist, Ophthalmologist and Dental surgeons visit the rural areas of Bangalore Rural and Kolar District and provide valuable service. Medicines are distributed at free of cost. 
Trinity Care Foundation is a Non Governmental Organization focusing on Craniofacial Deformities, School Health and Outreach Programs in Karnataka, India. We work in synergy with the Education Department of Karnataka (known as DPI) and Health Department, Karnataka to implement Outreach Programs.
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Some of the Public Health Programs of Trinity Care Foundation are:
There is Medical Check-up for the Students in the Village Government School and also for the Teachers and Parents of the Students. Medicines are distributed along with Dental Treatments ( Scaling, Restorations and Extractions). Medical team consists of Physician, Pediatrician, Gynecologist and Ophthalmologist. Dental Team consists of Public Health Dentists along with a Mobile Dental Unit which has 2 high- tech dental chairs.