Sunday, August 26, 2018

Goals for the Outreach Program

Outreach Program is a community-based program targeted to improve outreach and service delivery in local and regional rural communities.  The goals for the Outreach Program are the following:
  1. Expand the delivery of health care services to include new and enhanced services exclusively in rural communities 
  2. Deliver health care services through a strong consortium, in which every consortium member organization is actively involved and engaged in the planning and delivery of services 
  3. Utilize and/or adapt an evidence-based or promising practice model(s) in the delivery of health care services 
  4. Improve population health, demonstrate health outcomes and sustainability 

Proposed projects will have an outcomes-oriented approach that will enhance and sustain the delivery of effective health care in rural communities.  Proposed projects will be grounded in an evidence-based or promising practice model(s) in order to avoid “reinventing the wheel”.

Outreach Health Program at Duddanahalli Village

Projects based on an evidence-based or promising practice model have shown to be effective in addressing the community’s need, improving the health status of its residents and sustaining the project beyond Federal funding.  Outreach projects can take the framework or methodology of an evidence-based or promising practice model and tailor it to their community’s need and organization.

Community outreach programs is an important vehicle for reducing the discovery-delivery disconnect by bringing health education and Health screening services directly to community members. Such programs are consistent with the priority areas of Trinity Care Foundation initiatives for reducing health disparities.

Such projects will make CSR contribution targeted, making them simple to execute as turnkey CSR projects. ‘Promoting healthcare’ is an area identified under schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013 that is eligible to receive CSR funding either directly or through an implementing agency that has a track record. Trinity Care Foundation has been actively supporting critical community health for over 9 years, hence meets these requirements. Get in touch now and make Trinity Care Foundation your partner for promoting healthcare.

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