Sunday, June 19, 2016

Internship Opportunities for Health Professionals

Internship Opportunities for Healthcare Professionals (Doctor’s, Dentist’s, Public Health Professionals, Nurses, Health Science students, etc.,) with Trinity Care Foundation.

Location: In and around Bangalore city, Karnataka State, India.
Period : 15 -July-2016 to 30-October-2016

  1. Participate in School Health Programs in Government Schools [ Medical Screening and Health Education]
  2. Conduct Awareness talks at Schools, child health centers and colleges.
  3. Train Volunteers to conduct health awareness talks.
  4. Develop health awareness training materials. 
  5. Conduct medical research and public articles.
Here's a video about the transformation by our team of Doctor's

About Us :

Trinity Care Foundation is a network of highly accomplished and networked public health professionals in Karnataka state, India. They aim to solve the challenges of healthcare in India by working in synergy with the government system. At Trinity Care Foundation we aim to create a more efficient and effective social impact ecosystem using preventative healthcare system.

For Internship,
Write to –  or
Call Dr. Thomas +91 9880394959 or Mr.Binu +91 9880358888

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